About ME

I saved up for my first camera at 16, and haven’t put one down since.  Growing up in a seaside town on the Southern coast of Turkey, I honed my observational skills among the bustle of seasonal holiday-makers and in the silence of those natural landscapes of startling beauty, that were my solitary haunts.

In Istanbul I studied graphic design at Adobe. Even during my mandatory military service I was positioned as a photographer. It proved to be an intense grounding exercise in developing skills and giving me a better sense for capturing that raw reality. I’m touched most by the people I meet and the lives I encounter. They are what fire my passion for my work, driving me to look for beauty in the truth of a moment; a person; a place.


Now based in Kalkan –the seaside town where I grew up, I travel regularly and am spearheading the Climb for Good project. Backed by UNICEF and AKUT, Climb for Good is a challenge to scale some of the highest peaks in Turkey in an effort to raise funds for children in need through sponsorship. Find out More